Phase 1:  (Detailed Building Planning)

Services Involved:

  • ☯ Vastu & Astrology Analysis & Consultancy
  • 🏠 Floor Plan with Concepts
  • 🏚️ 2D Furniture Layout Plan

 Phase 2: (Elevation & 3D Views)

  • 🏬 3D Elevation
  • 🏢 2D Working Elevation Drawing

 Phase 3 (Part 1):: (🏗 Structure Drawings Set-1)

  • Foundation Details
  • Structure Centre Line Drawings
  • Footing Details and All Aspects of RCC
  • Excavation Plan
  • Column & Beam Drawings
  • Lintel Level Details
  • All Slab Details
  • Complete of Details Tower, Stupa & Dome

 Phase 3 (Part 2):: (💡 Electrical, 🚰plumbing & 🛁 Drainage Drawings)

  • Ceiling Electrical Drawing
  • Floor Electrical Drawings (Fan, Switch Board, Tube Light Location)
  • Water & Septic Tank Details
  • Plumbing & Drainage Drawings
  • Rainy Season Water Outlet & Harvesting Details

 Phase 3 (Part 3): 📊 Working Drawings

  • Working Plan
  • Wall Centre Line Plan
  • Building Section
  • Complete Door & Windows Plan & Section Details
  • Kitchen & Toilet Details

 Phase 4 (Part 3): 🏡 Interior Design


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